About the MoneyLife® Indicator

What is the MoneyLife Indicator?

The MoneyLife Indicator (MLI) is an assessment that helps individuals, couples and organizations gain insight about their financial beliefs and financial behavior. The MoneyLife Indicator can assist you in assessing your own financial needs, as well as those of your staff and organization. The tool will also equip you in creating an action plan that will bring about real transformation of the heart.

After teaching God’s financial principles to people around the globe, Crown can now help people understand what they truly believe and how they behave with regard to 9 stewardship areas found in scripture. The assessment consists of 52 questions and will take an individual 20 - 25 minutes to complete. After completing the assessment, a detailed report will be provided that addresses the 9 areas of belief and 9 areas of behavior. The report will also include an action plan based on the 3 lowest scores for both beliefs and behaviors. To maximize the value of the report, we strongly recommend contacting a MoneyLife Indicator Consultant for insight and assistance.

Who can benefit from and use the MoneyLife Indicator?

Any individual, couple, organization or congregation will benefit from the MLI assessment, especially those who want to live according to God's financial principles. The assessment provides valuable information to help bring beliefs and behaviors into alignment with God's Word.

This benefit can be derived from four different reports, as outlined below. The functionality of each report is designed to address specific needs that are highlighted by the assessment.

  1. Individual Report: An individual will receive his/her scores based on the nine stewardship areas relating to beliefs and behaviors. This report is available with or without a MoneyLife Indicator Consultant.
  2. Comparison Report:  Two individuals will receive their comparison scores based on the nine stewardship areas relating to beliefs and behaviors. This report is available with or without a MoneyLife Indicator Consultant.
  3. Group Report: A Group report can be produced for up to 25 users and will reflect their scores based on the 9 stewardship areas relating to beliefs and behaviors.  This report is available exclusively through a MoneyLife Indicator Consultant.
  4. Trend Report: This report is for more than 25 users and is totally anonymous. The Trend Report is used to assess the financial health of an organization or congregation, based on the 9 areas of stewardship relating to their beliefs and behaviors. This report is available exclusively through a MoneyLife Indicator Consultant.

Why would individuals or couples use the MoneyLife Indicator?

Larry Burkett, the original founder of Crown used to say, The way one uses money is the outward reflection of a person’s inward spiritual condition.”

This profound truth helped Crown realize that a person's Credit Score is not the main indicator of his or her financial health. The most important factor is what is happening in the individual's heart, yet it is no easy matter to determine the condition of someone's heart.  It is a combination of what the person believes and how those beliefs affect his or her behavior. 

Over a period of 18 months, a team at Crown -- under the leadership of CEO Chuck Bentley -- developed an assessment that can provide insight for individuals and couples regarding two key questions. First, "What do I believe about faithful stewardship?"  Second, "To what extent have I adapted my behavior to align with my beliefs?"

It is very hard to change if you don't understand the root issues that lead to certain actions. Once you identify incorrect beliefs, you can take steps to change your behavior for the long term. True life transformation takes place when hearts are transformed by God's Word and when behavior aligns with His truth.

Get a full understanding of the true condition of your heart by taking the MoneyLife Indicator assessment today. For a nominal fee, a trained MoneyLife Indicator Consultant can provide in-depth analysis and insight regarding the results of your assessment. Video chat functionality (i.e. Skype, Google Hangout, or FaceTime) may be required to meet with an MLI Consultant.  

How can a Group, Organization or Congregation benefit from the MoneyLife Indicator?

Leaders who want to equip others to live by God’s financial principles -- bringing their beliefs and behaviors into alignment with God’s Word -- can use the MoneyLife Indicator assessment as part of their stewardship strategy.  Accurately identifying key needs within the congregation/organization can be the first step toward creating a culture of financial faithfulness and generosity.

A Group Report or Trend Report will empower senior leadership with a clear picture of the overall financial health of their group, organization or congregation. The leadership team will receive the following benefits:

  • A Group Report provides both individual results, as well as roll-up scores for a group of respondents. The individual results in the Group Report are not anonymous.
  • A Trend Report is totally anonymous, which means the privacy of every individual respondent is protected.
  • A leadership team can use a Group Report or Trend Report to see the overall score of their group, congregation or organization -- as well as drill down on belief and behavior scores for the nine stewardship areas. The report also highlights the three lowest scores for both beliefs and behaviors.
  • The leaders will be able to run different Trend Reports based on demographics of the respondents.
  • The information in the Group or Trend Reports will enable leadership to determine the appropriate course of action to help their people mature in their belief system (for the critical areas identified) and subsequently adjust their behaviors for lasting change. 
  • Ultimately, this will result in improved financial health for the group, congregation or organization.

It is extremely difficult to help people change without first understanding where they are hurting. Armed with that crucial knowledge, you can effectively equip others on their journey. As stated above, true life transformation takes place when hearts are transformed by God's Word and behaviors align with His truth. 

A trained MoneyLife Indicator Consultant can provide in-depth analysis and insight to leadership regarding the results of a group or organizational assessment. In addition, they can recommend targeted solutions to remedy the identified areas of need. 

If you are interested in utilizing the MoneyLife Indicator and receiving a detailed Group Report or Trend Report, please CONTACT US today.