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  • You love your significant other — but do you know how compatible you are financially?
  • Money is one of the leading causes of marital conflict. According to the Pew Research Center, nearly 4 in 10 married adults say they often or sometimes disagree with their spouse over money.
  • Despite the important role money plays in a marriage, many couples are reluctant to discuss finances before marriage.
  • Yet a little financial candor in your relationship can help prevent future wars of the wallet and increase your financial intimacy.
  • Being financially compatible doesn’t necessarily mean you and your partner have to have identical financial beliefs and behaviors. After all, if both you and your partner are hyper-zealous savers, you may never allow yourself the little indulgences that make life enjoyable. On the other hand, if you are both aggressive spenders, you could wind up deeply in debt. 
  • Couples with extreme differences in their financial beliefs and behaviors may find it difficult to make a relationship work. These differences could stay hidden until they are exposed.
  • The MoneyLife® Indicator will help each of you discover your particular beliefs and behaviors and how they differ. The more you are aligned in your beliefs and behaviors, the more you will experience peace.  The greater the gap in this alignment, the more likely you are to experience relational conflict.
  • When you learn and apply Biblical principles on managing your finances, you wlil reduce the stress caused by disagreements about money.  
  • Once you understand what your partner believes and how they behave, you can encourage each other and address the areas that need attention.
  • Your Comparison Report will provide recommendations for the three lowest belief and three lowest behavior scores.  This will equip you and your partner to develop a plan where your beliefs and behaviors can be aligned to reflect that of faithful stewards.

More about the Indicator:

  • The MoneyLife® Indicator assessment is a unique tool that has been designed to determine your financial health from a Biblical perspective.
  • In this assessment, you will be asked 52 questions relating to 9 areas of your financial health.
  • After completing the questions, you will have access to a detailed report that will reflect your unique score (your financial health indicator) in every one of the 9 areas on a scale of 0 to 100.
  • In your report, you will find a breakdown of both your beliefs and behaviors in each of the nine areas.
  • You will receive an action plan to improve your financial health based on your lowest three scores in the nine areas of beliefs and behaviors.
  • Besides viewing your INDIVIDUAL REPORTS, you will also be able to produce a COMPARISON REPORT for you and your partner.

To view a sample report of the MoneyLife® Indicator Comparison Report, CLICK HERE.

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You will be able to produce an Individual Report for each of you, as well as a Comparison Report.