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Becoming a MoneyLife® Indicator Consultant

Thank you for your interest in becoming a MoneyLife Indicator Consultant!


  • The opportunity that awaits you as a future MoneyLife Indicator Consultant will bless you personally and give you tools to help God’s people achieve financial freedom, improve marriages, enhance the financial health of churches and other organizations, and multiply the number of faithful stewards around the world. 
  • Becoming a MoneyLife Indicator Consultant will give you the opportunity to become involved in both a ministry and a business. As a trained MoneyLife® Indicator Consultant, you will be able to help people in a unique way while earning an income for your services.


  • Our philosophy is that money does not solve financial problems. Financial problems must first be addressed through a change in our beliefs about money. The world teaches that financial problems are solved by a change in behaviors, while God’s Word teaches that our beliefs about money are more important. If we have been conformed into the image and pattern of this world, it requires a transformation by the renewal of our minds. (Romans 12:1-2)
  • The idea for this assessment came from the Credit Score. A Credit Score or Credit History is considered by many as the most important score to indicate personal financial health; yet, it is a poor indication of our alignment with God’s financial principles. It is possible to have a very good Credit Score yet be out of God’s will when it comes to managing money. Many people have never examined their beliefs to understand why they behave the way they do with money. This assessment gets to the root of financial issues, while also affirming individuals who are in alignment with God’s principles.
  • Furthermore, most Christians across the world will say that when they die, they want to hear Jesus Christ say the words, “Well done, thy good and faithful servant.” Unfortunately, it's easy to forget those words were spoken to the faithful stewards referenced in the Parable of the Talents. (Matthew 25) This reward is given to those who have managed their resources according to God’s principles. Yet many people are not intentional about striving for this, the ultimate of all rewards.
  • The MoneyLife Indicator is a multi-purpose tool designed to measure whether a person's beliefs and behaviors about money align with scripture in 9 important areas:  Giving, Work, Saving, Investing, Planning, Managing, Debt, Understanding True Riches and Leaving a Legacy. This self-assessment provides an overall financial health numeric ranking (from 0 to 100), as well as a breakdown of scores for both beliefs and behaviors in each of the 9 areas. The report will reveal areas of pain or weaknesses, strengths and gaps relative to each of these 18 dimensions.
  • The MoneyLife Indicator is available for use by individuals, couples, small groups, organizations and entire congregations.

Why become a Consultant?

  • The MoneyLife Indicator Consultant will utilize their relational and leadership skills, in conjunction with a unique ministry assessment tool developed by Crown. The MoneyLife Indicator is second to none in its ability to help people better understand their financial beliefs and behaviors. It can also identify the steps required to align attitudes and actions with God's principles. 
  • Each MoneyLife Indicator Consultant understands that their role is to demonstrate Christ's love to their clients, as they explain the depth and importance of their financial beliefs and behaviors. By identifying areas of strength and weakness, the Consultant will help their clients realize how financial attitudes and actions impact their lives, as well as their relationship with God and others. 
  • Our consulting model is more than a simple assessment. It connects clients and families together through a two to three hour consultation that is highly relational, affirming, and inspirational.
  • As man's economy becomes more and more unstable, there is no better time for people to be in total alignment with God and His economy. MoneyLife Indicator Consultants are an essential part of the Crown family and are passionate about helping people on their journey to financial health. Join with us as we follow God's call to multiply faithful stewards around the world!


Each MoneyLife Indicator Consultant must:

  • Be a born-again Christian who has a living, vibrant relationship with God
  • Have a genuine love for people and passion to see them grow and develop in Christ
  • Have a strong desire to teach and promote the Biblical perspective of managing time, talent, and treasure
  • Be an active member/participant of a local congregation
  • Have the ability to sit down for extended sessions and work with individuals, families, organizations and teams
  • A post-secondary education or commensurate work experience
  • A deep understanding of Biblical Stewardship and living as a faithful steward
  • Have a natural ability to connect with people, handle basic administrative details, study and analyze the MoneyLife Indicator Report, and basic business acumen in regard to sales and marketing
  • Successfully complete the MLI Consultant training course
  • Have a PC/MAC with the ability to connect to a wireless network and a quality color printer

What is the demand for this assessment?

  • The demand is unknown since it is the first assessment of its kind. However, it has been used extensively in the MoneyLife Personal Finance Study since 2013, in our MoneyLife Mentoring ministry, and has been beta tested in a number of churches.
  • The potential uses are for pre-marriage or marriage counseling, personal financial counseling, small groups interested in becoming better stewards and workshops on Biblical financial topics.
  • The greatest demand is expected to be from churches that want to survey their congregations, so leadership can understand the issues facing their people. The assessment will reveal whether the needs should be addressed through teaching and preaching, via practical application tools, or a combined strategy that incorporates both.  The survey will also allow for pinpoint accuracy in identifying materials or solutions that will best serve the congregation.

What is the ministry model?

  • MoneyLife Indicator Consultants will be certified to purchase the type of code(s) needed for their client's assessment. Under no circumstance will Crown give codes to a MoneyLife Indicator Consultant based on the Consultant's promise to pay for them once a consultation is completed. 
  • The MoneyLife Indicator Consultants will invoice their clients based upon the cost of codes purchased, plus the number of hours invested in preparing and delivering the analysis and results.
 Crown offers invoicing guidance as part of the MoneyLife Indicator Consultant training.
  • After purchasing codes from Crown, MoneyLife Indicator Consultants will administer the assessment to their clients.
  • Prior to the delivery of the results and feedback, MoneyLife Indicator Consultants should request payment from their clients.
  • It is important to understand that a MoneyLife Indicator Consultant is an independent contractor who buys codes from Crown in order to deliver the MoneyLife Indicator to clients.  The MoneyLife Indicator Consultant is not an employee of Crown, but must agree to represent the values and brand of Crown and to deliver value and excellence to all they serve.

Requirements to maintain MoneyLife Indicator Consultant status:

  • The MLI Consultant must meet with a Master Trainer or Network Leader once every six months to stay current on training material, helpful tools/resources, changes to the MLI website, etc.  Such meetings may be held in person, via phone, or using web technology. If this minimum requirement is not achieved within a calendar year, the MLI Consultant will be released as a licensed MLI Consultant approved by Crown and must complete the MLI Consultant training again in order to be re-instated to active status with Crown.


  • Locate the training event you would like to attend via the Crown Events page.
  • Submit your online application by clicking HERE.
  • Ensure that all the necessary documentation and information within the application has been downloaded, read, and understood. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the Consultant Contract that must be signed at the completion of the training.
  • Make the necessary payment after receiving confirmation and an invoice for your training admittance.
  • Attend and successfully complete the training.
  • Sign your Consultant Contract upon conclusion of the training.
  • If your consultancy practice is deactivated due to inactivity or your inability to meet the minimum requirements, you will be required to a complete a refresher training.
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